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Velvet ice cream's 110 Anniversary

All Ice Cream is Great, Some is Just Better Than Others

Celebrate over a century of ice cream excellence with Velvet! Since 1914, we’ve been crafting premium ice cream that’s beloved by generations. From classic flavors to innovative creations, every scoop is a testament to our commitment to quality and tradition. Join us as we mark this milestone and continue to delight taste buds for years to come. Because at Velvet, we believe that while all ice cream is great, some is just better than others.

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Elevate your dessert experience with our 48oz Premium ice cream.

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For over a century, family has been at the heart of Velvet Ice Cream’s story.

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Enhance your business with Velvet Ice Cream's premium products and collaborative approach. Join forces with a trusted family-owned brand with over a century of excellence in the ice cream industry.

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Originally constructed in 1817, Ye Olde Mill stands as the charming home to Velvet Ice Cream's corporate offices in Utica, OH.

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